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Ethos and values

At Westfield we have a commitment to the Chorus Education Trust ethos of Outstanding Achievement for All. This means we have the highest expectations of everyone in the school community and believe that, with the right support and with hard work, we are all capable of achieving incredible things.

We will support our students to grow into adults who can help to make the world a better place by making a positive contribution to their community, their city, their nation and the wider world.

Culture of Success

We are committed to achieving our vision by establishing a culture of success, focusing on the following priorities:

  • Developing a curriculum that is broad, enriched, exciting and ambitious for all our students – and a curriculum that enables our students to develop the social and cultural capital they will need to have successful and happy adult lives.
  • Ensuring we offer students excellent responsive teaching – all lessons have a clear purpose, include opportunities to check and respond to what our students know and understand, and support our students to remember and re-apply what they have learned over time.
  • Supporting our students through a celebratory approach to develop exceptional attitudes to learning and to self-manage their behaviour, always being ready to learn, resilient, resourceful, respectful and reflective.
  • Establishing a leadership culture that is student-focused, in which leaders are strategic and reflective.

Our school is an inclusive school – everyone is welcome, and we are committed to continuing to develop as a school that celebrates the diversity that makes our school, our community, our city and the world such an exciting place.

We are proud of our staff team, who show a relentless commitment to our students through their hard-work and reflective approach. Our staff team want to keep improving our school and are proactive in seeking opportunities to keep getting better at what they do.

We are proud of the successes of our students, past and present, and as a school often take opportunities to recognise the incredible achievements of Westfield students who have gone on to become Olympians, pilots, nurses, carers, entrepreneurs, writers, musicians, artists, research-scientists, professional footballers, journalists, teachers…

For every Westfield student, everything is possible.