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Collecting GCSE results

Published on 19/08/20

Dear parent/carer

It seems a long since we last wrote to you and your child in a formal capacity; I do hope you and your family are safe and well. I am very pleased that we are able to communicate arrangements about the collection of your child’s examination results in August.

As you will be acutely aware, things are very different year. However, in recognition of the incredible effort and commitment Y11 have shown throughout their time at Westfield, we feel it incumbent on us to provide them the opportunity to come into school and collect their results in as similar way to that of Year 11 students of the past.

To that end, we would like to invite your child to attend school on Thursday 20th August to collect their results.

Students will be invited to attend at specifically allotted times, spending a maximum of approximately 30 minutes in school. This will allow us to ensure social distancing measure are in place, for the safety of your child, the other children attending, along with Westfield staff and other members of the school community. Please may I ask that, if your child does attend on the day, they arrive promptly at their allotted time in order that we can ensure all risks to the health and safety of students and staff are mitigated.

Your child’s allocated time slot for collection of results is was posted to you via Weduc shortly before the end of term in July.

We would like students to arrive a few minutes before their allotted time. They will enter the building via main reception. Westfield staff will be on hand to welcome them into the building and ensure they are safe and supported via effective social distancing and other relevant health and safety measures, which we will ensure are in place on the day.

Once your child has collected their results, they will be asked to leave via an alternative exit. They may, however, have questions about next steps and post-16 provision. In a normal year, this can be an anxious time for students. We recognise that some students may be particularly anxious this summer, and as a result school staff and other colleagues will be on hand to offer your child support should they wish to remain in school for a short period. We will also provide you with written information on the day about next steps and how to access further support from the school in the days and weeks that follow.

We understand that, for a range of reasons, it may not be possible for your child to collect their results. If this is the case, we will make provision to send the results out to you, either electronically or in the post.  Please be aware, if your child is unable to attend, you may receive your child’s results as late as two to three days after the 20th August. Of course, we look forward to seeing as many students in school as possible on the day.

Should you have any further questions about Y11 Results Day, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the  main school reception telephone line, or via email.main school reception telephone line, or via email.

Mr Griffiths
Deputy Headteacher