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Newsletter, 17th June 2022

Published on 17/06/22

Good afternoon,

I hope that you and your family are well and that you have managed to keep relatively cool in the very warm weather we are experiencing.


Our students have continued to access very exciting enrichment opportunities so far this half-term, with more planned. Last weekend some of our Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Award students completed their expedition, and a further group of Year 9s enjoyed a visit to the National Video Game Museum. Next week our Year 7 students will visit Bolsover Castle in support of their learning about Gothic Literature, whilst others are visiting the Big Bang Science Fair in Birmingham. Parents/carers of students in Year 9 who will be visiting London with our humanities faculty will have received an invite to a parental meeting on Tuesday. We are delighted to be able to offer such great opportunities to our students.


Our Year 11 students have nearly made it to the end of a very long GCSE exam period and have continued to show the most amazing attitude and resilience throughout. All Year 11 students will be in school on Monday morning for their second chemistry paper and on Thursday morning for their second physics paper. Keep it up, Year 11, and good luck in your final few exams!


You will be aware that we allowed students to wear their PE shirts to school today owing to the high temperatures. Temperatures are forecast to fall next week and therefore uniform expectations will return to normal. Thank you for supporting your child to meet our uniform standards by ensuring they attend wearing:

  • A white school shirt
  • A school tie
  • A Westfield blazer or jumper
  • Black school trousers, black tailored school shorts or a black kneelength school skirt
  • Plain black footwear

Please be reminded that students may not wear the following at school:

  • Hoodies or sweatshirts
  • Leggings or jeans
  • Footwear that is not black


Parents and carers of Year 9 students will have received communication regarding the vaccinations that are taking place in school on Monday. Colleagues from the Year 9 pastoral support team will be on hand to support students.


We are proposing to change our school day from September after the day was changed for a temporary period to facilitate our response to the COVID pandemic. Details of our proposed changes and of how to share your views on these proposals can be found on our Website, here.

With many thanks for your excellent ongoing support.

Joe Birkbeck

Head of Westfield School