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December - A Time For Giving

Published on 30/11/22

December is an exciting time for many people. We wanted to take the opportunity this December to think about giving as well as receiving. This fits with the KIND element of our FORM programme.

We are proposing two initiatives to show kindness this December - School Kindness Calendar and Reverse Advent.

The School Kindness Calendar is a series of KIND activities for staff and students to undertake during December.

Christmas is a time of joy but for some families, it can be a time of extreme hardship and this has been worsened by the pandemic and cost of living crisis.  We would like to support such families at this time by adopting a ‘reverse advent’ in support of S20 foodbank. Reverse advent works exactly as it says. Instead of opening (Receiving) our advent calendar, we bring (Give) something for others. Students can support this by either bringing in one thing for the food bank every School day in December to their FORM room or by bringing in just one thing for the food bank during December to their FORM room. We will then arrange delivery of all collected items to the S20 foodbank in time to support families in our community who are in need this Christmas. A list of suggested items are in the attachment.