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Newsletter, 10th December 2023

Published on 10/12/23

Good afternoon, 

I hope that you and your family are well. We are beginning to feel festive here at Westfield School having hosted a Christmas Festival for children from local infant and primary schools this afternoon. More on this and other exciting events in this week’s newsletter… 

Flu Vaccinations 

As you are already aware, we will welcome colleagues from the School Immunisation Service into school on Friday of next week to administer flu vaccines to all consenting students using a nasal spray. We have already sent a message to all families with a link to access an online consent form. If you have not already done so, please complete this online form at:  

You will need to enter the following unique code for Westfield School: SF145562 

Apologies in advance for the disruption to lessons that will be caused as we take on the huge effort of organising for over 1300 students to receive their vaccination in one day! Our aim will be that no student is out of lesson for more than 30 minutes. 

Reverse Advent 

Thank you so much to those families who have been able to make donations to the S20 Foodbank as part of our reverse advent event. The first collection was taken to the Foodbank on Friday, and we have two more planned collections before Christmas. We would be very grateful for further donations from those families who are able to do so. 

Westfield School Choir 

With the support of Sheffield Music Service, we are excited to announce that we will be relaunching our school choir in January 2024. This is an exciting opportunity open to all students in all year groups. All interested students should see Mr Hydes in Room 236 either before or after school to sign up.  

Year 10 & 11 Rewards Trips 

Those students in Year 10 with the best ATL scores and most stamps enjoyed a fantastic ice-skating trip this week to celebrate their success. Ms Palethorpe was amazed by the skating ability of many of our students, and proud of the persistence of those who took more time to find their balance! Our final rewards trip of the year for Year 11 students will take place on 19th December, with our Year 7 students enjoying their rewards trip in the new year.  

Year 11 Mock Results 

We are excited to share mock exam results with our Year 11 students on the afternoon of Tuesday 12th December. Our students worked tremendously hard in their exams, and we expect some excellent results. We also know that all students will still have lots of areas to work on, and our collective task now must be to reflect on areas for development and ensure we work hard in and out of school to improve grades still further before the February mocks and the final exams that begin in May.  

Punctuality to School & Courteous Parking 

A reminder to all families that our school day begins at 08.30. Students are expected to be in school and ready to learn in Personal Development Time, which begins each morning at 08.30. We understand there is more traffic at this time of year as kind parents/carers offer lifts in the cold weather! Please be mindful of the traffic and be aware that our school gates are open from 08.00 AM each morning, with the car park and surrounding roads being much quieter before 08.15. And remember, students can enjoy free toast for breakfast every morning in our dining room from 08.00. In addition, our library is open before school to support students with reading or homework, and, weather-permitting, we open and supervise the astro-turf from 08.00 each day for those who enjoy starting the day with sporting activities. 

It is essential that all families dropping students off or collecting students in the car park and surrounding roads at the start and end of each day take great care and drive slowly – no more than 5 MPH on the school site. Please be respectful of local residents, our students and each other when parking on surrounding roads, and support us in role-modelling respectful and safe behaviour to our students.  

Keyence Microscope Opportunity 

We are excited that we can welcome representatives from Keyence Digital Microscopes into school next week to work with our Triple Science students in Key Stage 4. Students will have the opportunity to experience and learn about Hi-Res Microscopes that are usually only used in industry and by university researchers. Thank you to Ms Marchant for organising this unique opportunity.  

Sports Leaders’ Christmas Festival  

Our wonderful Sports Leaders led an amazing Christmas Festival event for Key Stage 1 children from our local infant and primary schools on Friday. Our school hall was transformed into a winter-wonderland as our Sports Leaders led our visiting children in Christmas-themed sporting activities! 

With many thanks for your ongoing excellent support. 


Joe Birkbeck 

Head of Westfield School