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Design & Technology

Our Curriculum Intent:

Our Technology faculty share our school's commitment to implementing a curriculum that:

  • Is ambitious for every student
  • Develops students' social and cultural capital 
  • Supports ambitious next steps

To ensure this happens our aim is for:

  • Students to investigate and solve design problems through analysis, creativity, development and planning.
  • Students to develop products that relate to the real world and that are produced using a wide range of skills.
  • Students to develop resilience and resourcefulness in their creation of practical solutions to problems.
  • Students to be equipped with skills and practical knowledge needed for the workplace and life in an increasingly technological world. 

More information about the content and sequencing of our Technology curriculum can be found via the links to the left. 

For more information about Technology at Westfield, please contact Mr A Hirst, Faculty Leader for Technology & Computing.