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Our Curriculum Intent:

Our English faculty share our school's commitment to implementing a curriculum that:

  • Is ambitious for every student
  • Develops students' social and cultural capital 
  • Supports ambitious next steps

To ensure this happens our aim is for:

  • Students to become confident communicators as they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and motivation to read, speak and write in life, leisure and work beyond school.
  • Students to interrogate ideas and have opinions, as they develop the powerful belief that their voice is valued in the wider world.
  • Students to have extensive opportunities to write for pleasure and purpose, and develop their speaking skills in a range of contexts.
  • Students to read stimulating texts critically, widely and for pleasure: enhancing their experience through texts they will love, including the very best of English Literature that will challenge their understanding of the world.
  • More demanding texts to be made accessible so students have a frame for their journey into the wider world, as they are offered a window into a diverse world where they can see themselves reflected. Relationships between readers and writers will be developed, including through visits to museums, libraries and the theatre so students are passionate about English and develop a love of language. Students will be enriched culturally, so they have a sense of their own character, thoughts and feelings, as they build awareness and empathy.
  • Students will also look ahead to aspirational future goals and the choices English opens up for them, including further study.

More information about the content and sequencing of our English curriculum can be found via the links below (to our Learning Journeys) and via the links to the left. 

For more information about English at Westfield, please contact Ms S Bell, Faculty Leader for English.