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GCSE Maths

Title of qualification

Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in Mathematics

Exam Board

Pearson Edexcel


Between Years 9 and 11, students study the GCSE curriculum. The rationale behind starting GCSE teaching in Y9 is to give all students the opportunity to fully explore the GCSE skills and knowledge required to achieve the fullest possible understanding. The most able mathematicians will also make use of the extra teaching time to undertake the Further Maths course (as outlined below), whilst those students who need more time to fully realise mathematical ideas will study Entry Level Maths alongside the GCSE.

There are two levels of assessment: Foundation and Higher. The highest grade possible on the foundation exam is a 5 (which is equivalent to being halfway between an old grade C and grade B), whereas the higher exam allows access to grades up to 9 (which is higher than the old A* grade). It is worth noting that the new mathematics GCSE is significantly harder than before and therefore a greater proportion of students will be advised to take the foundation level exam (which now allows for a higher top grade than previously).

Pupils study the Edexcel GCSE specification. Pupils are set into ability groups, with all groups having the opportunity to study for at least a grade 5 at GCSE. The emphasis, again, is on teachers using engaging teaching and learning activities. Pupil progress is closely monitored, with many internal assessment points built into the scheme of work, alongside regular responsive teaching techniques, to ensure that teachers really know their students’ strengths and areas for development. Pupils sit their external exam at the end of Year 11 and numerous revision materials are provided and methods for revising are instilled.

GCSE Maths Learning Journey - Foundation 

GCSE Maths (Foundation) learning journey diagram

GCSE Maths Learning Journey - Higher 


Further Maths (Level 2 Certificate) 

In Year 11 those taking the higher tier exams are offered the chance to complete an additional qualification - the AQA Level 2 Further Maths Certificate. This serves as a stepping stone to A-level and further boosts their GCSE progress as approximately two thirds of the Further Maths content is an extension of GCSE skills.  We are proud of this offer and pupils feel well prepared for A-level study with this additional course.

Beyond the Classroom 

  • The Puzzle of the Week competition is attempted by many students every week.
  • UKMT Maths Challenges are undertaken by over a hundred students per year, with many certificates achieved and several students progressing to the next stages.
  • The KS3 Maths Puzzle Club is attended by some very enthusiastic young mathematicians.
  • Our Chess Club proves very popular with many young people attending weekly.