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Religious Studies

Our Curriculum Intent:

Our humanities faculty share our school's commitment to implementing a curriculum that:

  • Is ambitious for every student
  • Develops students' social and cultural capital 
  • Supports ambitious next steps

To ensure this happens through the religious studies curriculum our aim is for:

  • Students to be fascinated and inspired to enjoy engaging with religion and moral issues, and empowered with skills for the future
  • Students to develop a life-long love of learning about key religious events, people and practices
  • Students to develop challenging and enquiring minds in response to contemporary moral issues
  • Students to become respectful of different beliefs, opinions and cultures

More information about the content and sequencing of our religious studies curriculum can be found via the links to the left. 

For more information about religious studies at Westfield, please contact Mr D Dickinson, Faculty Leader for Humanities.


beyond the classroom

RE has run several trips in recent years to enhance a students experience and understanding of some of the topics studied. These include:

  • Visiting the local Church (to support the units on Rites of Passage and Places of Worship).
  • Visiting the Mosque in Heeley.
  • Visiting Liverpool to examine the modern Catholic Cathedral.
  • Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Centre.

We have also in the past made excellent use of one of the local vicars (Rev. Sue Stewart) to support GCSE students with understanding some of the indepth moral themes. This has enabled students to question a religious figure on topics such as euthanasia and the death penalty.