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We encourage our students to walk and cycle to school as much as is possible, but we appreciate that this may not be possible for everyone.



If you are cycling to school there are bike stores where you can lock up your bike for the day. When cycling to school please dismount when you reach the school and avoid cycling on the school site.


Public transport

The Mega Travel Pass get it online, save all the time!

If you live in South Yorkshire and you’re under 16 years old you can apply for a Mega Travel Pass. The Mega Travel Pass entitles pass holders to concessionary travel on bus, tram and train anytime, anywhere in South Yorkshire.  You can also buy discounted 7 day tickets for young people, which may work out cheaper if you travel regularly. You’ll also be able to travel half price on local trains.

You can apply online at:


Driving to school

Please drive responsibly when dropping students off from cars. You can drive into the school and pull in to allow students to exit the car. Please be considerate to those around you when doing this. Do not leave engines running as this causes air pollution. Please bear in mind that there can be a queue of cars to enter the school site, so leave enough time for your journey.