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Behaviour and rewards

Our full Behaviour and Rewards Policy is available on our policies page. Below is a summary of the key points.


What We Aim to Achieve

Positive Discipline at Westfield was implemented in 2019 and is continuously refined for every school day to be:

  • A safe, calm place where your child can focus on their learning.
  • A place where students are recognised and rewarded for consistently doing the right thing.


Positive discipline

The overwhelming majority of our students are well-behaved and do what is expected of them – often going well beyond this and doing fantastically well. At Westfield, we recognise this by taking an approach to managing behaviour called Positive Discipline.

Positive Discipline is intended to secure:

  • A rewards-led system.
  • A calm and purposeful environment, all the time, every day.
  • Self-managing students who show a positive attitude to learning.
  • No low-level disruption to lessons.
  • Crystal clear expectations and structures consistently implemented at every level and at every stage of the school day.


What this means on a practical level

Student planners

Every student is issued with a planner in September which contains their timetable, space to record home learning, and a page for each week to record reward stamps and behavioural comments.

Planners support students to be well organised and allow for clearer communication between home and school. Students are expected to bring their planner to school every day and have it out on their desk in very lesson. They are a key part of Positive Discipline.


Having the right equipment is key to ensuring that students are ready to learn in their lessons. Every student must have:

  • Student Planner (issued by school).
  • Pencil case.
  • One black pen.
  • One purple pen.
  • Pencil.
  • Rubber.
  • Ruler.
  • Scientific calculator (recommended to be purchased through school).
  • School bag, preferably a rucksack.


We believe that students should be rewarded when they show a positive Attitude to Learning. All our staff use Westfield School reward stamps to reward students who demonstrate a positive attitude.

In each lesson, one stamp is awarded for getting the basics right and showing a good attitude to learning; two stamps are given to students showing an exceptional attitude to learning and maintaining high standards in lessons; three stamps are for going above and beyond (in and out of lessons).

Rewards shop

Students can exchange their stamps for rewards at the end of each half-term. Rewards students can 'purchase' include snacks, educational equipment, queue passes, sports equipment and retail vouchers. We will continuously consult students over the rewards available.

Mobile Phones and Earphones

Educational research shows that mobile devices are a distraction to learning and have a negative impact on children's mental health. Our students have also told us about the negative effects of constantly checking their devices.

Therefore, any mobile phones and earphones seen/heard by staff will be confiscated; parents/carers will have to attend school to collect the item.

We appreciate that you want to stay in touch with your child; they will still be able to contact you once school has ended and they are off site. As is the case currently, any important communications can be sent via our reception team.

Ready Gate

Each morning, members of our Senior Leadership Team and Pastoral Team staff the entrance to school to welcome students to site and to ensure students are in full uniform and equipped for the school day. At the Ready Gate we ask that students take out earphones and put away mobile phones.

Behavioural comments in planners

Staff write 'comments' into student planners about any issues with behaviour or ‘procedural’ issues relating to uniform, equipment and punctuality. This enables students to track and take control of their own behaviour, and also allows parents/carers to track any behaviour or procedural issues.

Behavioural comments can lead to sanctions – such as after-school detentions, Lesson Remove or Behavioural Support.

Action to Improve Punctuality to School

Our Ready Gate closes at 08.30am. Any student late to school after this time will automatically receive a lunchtime detention the following school day.