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Exams Summer 2024

Exam Timetables

Students will be issued with a statement of entry, listing the date of all the exams they are entered for by the 28 February 2024. Please click below for a generic exam timetable:

  • GCSE examination season: Tuesday 7 May - Wednesday 26 June 2024.
  • GCSE MFL Speaking exams are scheduled to take place between the 16 April – 17 May 2024.
  • Practical examinations will take place before the 7 May and dates will be communicated to you by each subject leader.
  • All students need to be available for the national contingency dates: Thursday 6 June (pm), Thursday 13 June (pm) and Wednesday 26 June (all day) 2024.
  • All students completing external exams will be issued with a statement of entry, listing the date of all the exams they are entered for by the 28 February 2024.
  • Any clashes (where two or more exams are due to take place at the same time), will have been resolved when the individual timetables are issued to students.
  • Individual final examination timetables will be shared containing dates, times, and locations of each exam before May.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact


exam regulations and information for candidates

Please visit to access documents relating to exam regulations and information for candidates.


Exam certificates are important documents as employers will request to see them as proof of qualification.  Therefore, it is important that students collect their certificates and keep them safe.

Certificates will be available to collect from school reception, during normal school opening hours during term-time from 1 December of the year in which exams were taken.  In addition, a late afternoon collection is being arranged for Monday 18 December 2023, when reception will be open until 5.30pm for certificate collection.

If students are unable to collect their certificates in person, they should nominate a named person to collect them on their behalf. If it is necessary for a nominated person to collect certificates, students can let us know who this person will be by filling in this online form:

The nominated person will need to bring photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence) to prove their identity. 

Note: post-16 providers will accept the statement of results received on results day in August as proof of student qualifications, prior to certificates being available.