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At Westfield we appreciate how important it is for parents and carers to be able to communicate easily with the school. We want you to take an active interest in your child's education and so we try to maintain clear channels of communication between staff and parents.


Contacting the school

When parents or carers wish to communicate with the school they can either contact reception, where the reception staff will direct the call to the relevant person or pass a message onto them. Please bear in mind most teachers will be teaching during the school day.

Or parents and carers can email the school at and the query will be passed onto the relevant person.

We use a communications app, called Weduc, which will allow parents and staff to communicate directly. Further information will be sent to parents and carers, and will also be available via our webpage about Weduc.


contacting your child in an emergency

In an emergency please telephone the school and an appropriate member of staff will deal with the communication with the student. Please don’t try to contact your child by mobile phone as this may lead to your child getting into trouble for using their phone when they shouldn’t be. Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones to school but they must be switched off during lesson times unless being used as part of the lesson. See our School Behaviour Policy for further information.


Notifying school of absences

If your child is going to be absent from school please telephone school and a message will be passed to the attendance officer.

School will notify parents, via text, if their child is not in school by 9:30am and we don’t know of the reason why.



Newsletters containing news and useful information about the school are available on this webpage. Parents and carers will be notified via Weduc when new issues are available.


Respectful communication

As we do more to improve our communications with parents and carers, we ask that everyone thinks about the manner in which they communicate. We are fortunate at Westfield in that most people are friendly and polite when dealing with one another. Sadly, there have been some instances of parents shouting at staff or being abusive. We just ask that everyone communicates in the way in which they wish to be treated - and sets an example that we would want our students to follow. Thank you!