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Sporting success

Sports leaders success

Westfield invite Sports Leaders of Y7-Y11 and the selection process is tough. Upon being selected the Sports Leaders meet every single Thursday to plan and organise events within our community. We regularly see all 75 Sports Leaders attend the meeting.

Despite the demise of School Sport Partnerships – the Westfield Family of Schools remains strong and we help deliver 20 Sporting Competitions and Festivals each year.

This would not happen without the efforts of the phenomenal Sports Leaders.

The leaders run after school clubs, assist with Change4Life Initiatives and help with transition and community evenings in school.

Many of our Sports Leaders go on to volunteer at City Wide events and even International Events and quite simply love helping others. These events range from Sheffield Federation Athletics Events to the British Athletics Championships. Our leaders have assisted across various sports and willingly give time to benefit others.

We have had some incredibly successful individual stories over the years with regards to our Leaders.

Our Sports Leaders have been heavily involved with the Youth Sport Trust. They have been at the forefront of the Sky Sports Living for Sport program. They have worked with the YST and delivered Change4Life Clubs to disengaged students within the community and led a Change4Life Festival at the end of the program. This is just one program of many. The Youth Sport Trust have mentioned the Sports Leaders at their Annual Gala Dinner on numerous occasions.

Our Sports Leaders still go on to assist with the Points Leadership Academy and the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders and constantly strive to be involved in all they can.

We are incredibly proud of all that the Sports Leaders have become and the legacy we have built within Sports Leadership at Westfield.

The average Sports Leader gives over 20 hours voluntarily each year. Considering the fact that we have 75 Sports Leaders, this is remarkable and we are truly making a difference within our community.

Individual success

At Westfield we have some amazing students who are very dedicated to school life, as well as going above and beyond in their own time to demonstrate further determination and try their very best within sport. The following students have each had individual success within their own sports.

Kick Boxing

Freya has won a total of 13 gold medals in numerous national and international championship in Kick Boxing.She was the U11-U12 World champion and the U13-U15 National and International Champion. Freya is the epitome of what a dedicated, selfless student should be and has achieved so much over her time at Westfield. She has also been awarded Fighter of the Tournament in Ireland. She goes from strength to strength and long may this continue. She makes Westfield proud to have her as a student and we have every confidence that she will go above and beyond her wildest dreams. Freya is an  OUTSTANDING role model for all!


Tahlia has represented the City of Sheffield swim team where she travelled to Portsmouth and gained PB’s in all of her strokes. She has also won 4 gold medals at NoThrills and 2 bronze medals at the Leeds Summer meet. She is a wonderful student and we wish her all the best!


Abi qualified for the NDP qualifiers and came 4th overall which is a great achievement and has previously represented Yorkshire U13’s.

Mia has gone from strength to strength in Trampolining and qualified in first place for the National Championships. This is a great achievement and she has proven to be a very valuable athlete within her club.


Dance has gone from strength to strength at Westfield and we have some amazing talent on show. Several of our students have competed at national competitions either in teams, duos or individuals and have all done themselves extremely proud. These include Amber and Maddison.

A further mention goes to Nadine who performed at the Rotherham Theatre in a production of Chicago. This is a wonderful achievement and shows just how good she is to be in a production of a show that is on the West End and Broadway.

Team success

Girls' Football

We have seen some amazing talent within girls Football at Westfield. The girls U14’s have been entered in to the National Competition which is a great achievement. They have also entered into two Futsal competitions where they were second overall in the Sheffield United Competition and semi-finalists in the Futsal National Finals. This is a tremendous achievement that can be built on. Chene has had an outstanding year, remaining in the England set up and is working hard in the development squad. Chene and Mollie are also involved in the Sheffield United Women’s Academy which is another wonderful achievement, well done girls. Annie and Lilly have both travelled abroad with their local team and Annie has been selected for a trial with Sheffield United. We wish her all the best for her future.

Boys' Football

 There is so much talent within our school in boys' football. Our Y9 boys became the South Yorkshire Champions, as well as having three of their team representing South Yorkshire School boys.  We had double Futsal success for the Y8 boys Futsal team and the Y10 boys Futsal team as they were both crowned the South Yorkshire and district champions. The Y10 boys went one step further by reaching the Futsal National finals where they met some very high quality outfits but managed to do themselves proud, especially Kurtis. Well done boys, we are very proud of you. Finally, well done to Oliver and James who both secured entry into the Rotherham United Academy.


As always, Westfield has a strong Athletics tradition. The following students gained entry to the Sheffield City Finals to represent Westfield which is a tremendous achievement:

  • Brad – Shot putt
  • Patrick – Shot putt
  • James  – High Jump and 200m
  • Ted – Long jump and 800m
  • Charlie – 800m
  • Ella  - 100m and 200m

 We have also had major success in the team events where three of our students gained entry into the finals. The following students represented Westfield in the Sheffield City Team finals:

  • Ted 
  • Charlie 
  • James
  • Harry
  • Patrick 
  • Brad 
  • Sophia
  • Kyla 
  • Evie 
  • Tilly 
  • Charlotte 
  • Juliet 

Ex students

Ellie has become a full time professional Goal Keeper at Manchester City FC. A student who always pushed herself and tried her hardest in every opportunity given to her. She has done herself, her family and the community of Westfield proud. We hope there’s many more great achievements in the long career ahead of you Ellie!

Dec has had a tremendous year as he has performed the league and cup double for his age group at Sheffield Wednesday. All the best Dec!

Connor has represented Derventio Excel District County Swimming Club where he won over 250 medals. This is a great achievement and his dedication has been recognised by being selected to gain entry into the English and British Championships.

Connor has also represented the school  in the sport of Cross Country and placed third in the City of Sheffield overall which gained him entry into the City of Sheffield team. This allowed him to race for Sheffield against other districts where he finished 8th overall in standings.

Owen is a National Champion at race walking. Since Y5 Owen has taken part in races to compete against fellow brits and international competitors. His success within this sport has been tremendous and has earned him the Harold Whittam Award for Speed Walking. Owen also gained entry into the South Yorkshire Athletics finals for his race walking and was the overall winner on the day. Another reason why Owen is an amazing athlete and has shown his true potential.

Josh has taken part in several different sports throughout his years at Westfield and has succeeded mainly within the athletics category where he was successful in gaining entry in to the South Yorkshire Athletics Finals in Shot Putt and Discus. He performed extremely well within the competition and became the overall winner in Shot Putt; an excellent achievement. Well done Josh.

Danny was a keen rugby player throughout his time at Westfield and was successful in gaining entry into Yorkshires Elite Rugby Development Player Programme (ERDPP). This was a huge achievement that will put Danny in the professional limelight. He will understand what it means to become a professional rugby player, have access to high level coaching and be involved within a senior set up moving forward. This will also open up doorways for Danny to play for England at school boy level. We wish you all the best and we know you will do yourself and your family proud.

Olivia: Olivia has had a tremendous time within her chosen sport of Trampolining. Her successes whilst at school included being first in the English Championships for Synchronisation and qualifying to represent Yorkshire at U14 level. We wish Olivia all the best in the future.

Antony: Antony did extremely well whilst attending Westfield in Trampolining and qualified for the Yorkshire U14’s team. This gained him entry to the National Competitions and he came 4th overall in the country!