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ParentPay is a secure ePayment system that allows parents to pay online by debit and credit cards, or at a PayPoint terminal for school trips and activities and to credit their child’s cashless catering account.

It is a safer, more convenient parent system eliminating the need for students to bring cash and cheques into school.


How to make online payments

By visiting the ParentPay website ( you can log into your account choosing which item and how much you would like to pay. This directly links you to your child’s account and informs the school that a payment has been made.


PayPoint payments for school

If you aren’t able to pay online, you can make payments with PayPoint cash collection for schools.


Where to make PayPoint payments

You can make a PayPoint payment for school by visiting any store displaying the yellow and purple sign. There are nearly 22,000 terminals located in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets, garages and off-licences. If you wish to pay by this method please contact school and you will be issued with a barcoded payment card.


Helping schools become efficient and safe

By making PayPoint payments for school you can still pay in cash but there is no need for your child to carry money into school. With the use of cheques being significantly reduced, PayPoint helps schools offer a choice of payment options that are convenient and safe for parents and pupils and help reduce the administration burden in schools.