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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

It is our aim here at Westfield to promote a policy of inclusion and integration for all students. 

All students with identified SEND needs have a detailed learning support profile which is shared with all that students’ teachers to ensure quality-first teaching supports their additional needs.

Further information is available in the SEND Policy and SEN Information Report available on the Policies page.


the learning support team

There is a wide range of staff in the school who are here to support students with their special educational needs.


Long term specialised provision

A few students receive long term provision because of their specialised needs. They require the skills of a specialist teacher or group of professionals to be involved. The majority of these students’ time is spent in the mainstream classroom but their ‘additional and different’ provision is highly personalised and closely monitored. The class teachers are clear how to encourage independence and boost these students’ self-esteem.


Specific, time-limited provision

Some students receive additional SEND provision from well trained, highly effective staff. This is specific, time limited, evidence-based intervention for pupils who are not making good progress due to a special educational need. This includes reading, spelling, numeracy, speech and language, social emotional well-being and social skills work for students with ASD.


SEND transition events

Some Year 6 students will be invited by their primary schools to participate in additional transition visits. These visits will help students become more familiar with Westfield School and key staff. Activities may include a coffee afternoon for parents and students, a range of learning activities and an experience of the school at social time. These visits are delivered by key learning support staff and supported by staff from the student’s primary school.

There will be additional transition sessions for vulnerable students with special educational needs throughout the year, and an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with key staff to discuss individual student needs.