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Teaching and learning

A Responsive Approach

"Memory is the residue of thought"

A responsive approach to teaching and learning considers the cognitive science behind how we learn and combines it with the assessment practices in the classroom.

Our vision

To challenge, to inspire, to get students thinking!

"Learning happens when people have to think hard"

Our expectations

Our teachers will:

  1. Set clear goals and planning learning carefully
  2. Identify what students have understood and where they are struggling
  3. Respond, adapting our teaching to support students to do better.

Our students will be (more information available on our Attitude to Learning page):

  1. Ready to learn
  2. Reflective
  3. Resourceful
  4. Respectful
  5. Resilient

Feedback and assessment

Our teachers are professionals who know their subjects and the best way in which to teach, feedback and assess. Feedback and the responses following assessments are a vital part of learning. Each subject area has its own strategy for feeding back, assessing and responding.

Strategies they may use:

  • Asking students questions.
  • Talking with students, e.g. ‘I like the way you’ve…’.
  • Live marking, i.e. marking with you in the lesson.
  • Dot marking, i.e. colour-coded dots.
  • Mid-lesson checks (using colour cards, whiteboards).
  • Using a visualiser or scanned work to share ideas.
  • Peer assessment.
  • Mini quizzes.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set using Microsoft TEAMs and will be appropriate and relevant to the learning taking place within the classroom.